i just wanna clarify
that no matter how  you try
to deny your pride
or hide everything inside
i’ll always stand by your  side
no matter what you  decide
because  i know how much you  sacrificed
and how much shit you’ve  survived
you the one who unconditionally love me inside and outside
and no matter how much i tried
i’ll never know how to express what you mean to me inside
and how many times you  stood by my side
you are always in my heart and my mind
i just wanna say to the whole world wide
that you  are my mother , my soul , my life and you are one of a kind
i love you  to death since i was a child
and i’ll always apologize
cos i can’t repay you the things for me you sacrificed
but i promise you  i’ll always love you and take care of you  till i die
and leave this world behind .