Threats by Unknown Organization to stop girls from getting Education in Panjgur!

Pakistan has four provinces and one of them is Balochistan.Balochistan is the largest and richest province.It is famous for it’s natural resources.Balochistan is located at the eastern edge of the Iranian plateau and in the difficult to define border region between Southwest, Central, and South Asia. It is geographically the largest of the four provinces at 347,190 km² and composes 42% of the total land area of Pakistan. The population density is very low due to the mountainous terrain and scarcity of water. The southern region is known as Makran.

There are 26 districts in Balochistan.

  • Awaran
  • Barkhan
  • Bolan
  • Chagai
  • Dera Bugti
  • Gwadar
  • Jafarabad
  • Jhal Magsi
  • Kalat
  • Kharan
  • Kohlu
  • Khuzdar
  • Qilla Abdullah
  • Qilla Saifullah
  • Lasbela
  • Loralai
  • Mastung
  • Musakhel
  • Nasirabad
  • Panjgur
  • Pishin
  • Quetta
  • Sibi
  • Turbat or Kech
  • Zhob
  • Ziarat

Balochistan which is known as the home of nature but if we look at another side so educationally balochistan is facing various problems.Usually Females face this problem because 98% don’t allow their daughters to study after 10th and they are compelled to get married that is very cheap.Women who are taking active parts in the movement of freedom like Banuk Kareema,Banuk sammi,Banuk Farzana Majeed and many more but they are threatened to stop their works and struggle.The educational institutes in Balochistan are:

There are five main public universities in Balochistan, but there many private also in setting up to deliver the increasing demands for the province.

  • Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology
  • Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences
  • Command and Staff College
  • Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University
  • University of Balochistan


Many times educational institutions have been bombarded in Balochistan.Girls have been  threatened from going to Schools and colleges.Once again the same problem has been repeated.Some unknown persons have entered in some private schools in different areas of Panjgoor and have closed them.On 2-05-2014 they went to The Ideal Academy Panjgoor and threatened the principal to close the school and banned female teachers and students from going in school.They have entered in the office and have given the certificates of all female students and some days before that they went to Maymar school and did the same thing and they have closed some other private institutes too .
they are trying to close all private schools and they are also trying that baloch girls shouldn’t get education.

Every time girls are pressurized.Every time baloch girls are stopped from getting education.WHY?

Those people who  are doing this all are not baloch activists .They are the ones who are the enemies of baloch students.They don’t want that Balochs should get education but the second name of baloch is Bravery that never dies.We are protesting against this action and all baloch students are also taking out a rally on 5-5-2014 to stop this act.
Education is already disturbed in Balochistan due to the current situations in balochistan and whenever it comes to education so girls are pointed out that the mistake is from girls.
Education is must for every individual and no one can snatch this right from girls.
The first obstacle is that  mostly parents in balochistan fear to send their daughters in coeducational Schools because they think the 21st era is full of problems and anything can happen anytime.

Secondly strikes,shutter down , anniversaries and martyrdom of martyrs which are effecting the life of students greatly.Approximately it is thirteen days strike in one month so how students will study?

Thirdly,political issues and discussions have effected the minds of youth due to which they don’t take active part in Schools and don’t seem to be interested in studying.

There are many obstacles that stop the girls from getting education and some are given below:

The first obstacle is the mind setup of parents who keep the mind setups of 18th century and don’t let their daughters to get education and speak.

The Second obstacle is the so-called traditions that have been made by the narrow-minded people.Which are:
Girls shouldn’t’ speak because it is against our culture.
Girls shouldn’t get education because they will spoil our image.
Girls shouldn’t use social networking and shouldn’t talk with teachers because it is against out religion.

The biggest obstacle is that people in panjgur are afraid and another is lack of unity.When something happens wrong so they don’t cooperate and don’t unite to sort out the problem that is what enemies consider this fear our weakness. I think people of panjgur are waiting for that day when everything will be destroyed.Our nation needs bold girls,women,mothers and brave fathers who could let their daughters to fight against violence.Our nation needs girls having no fear in heart.

The problem that is recently running in Panjgoor is a very clever trick of enemies to destruct the baloch nation.Because there is a saying that:
“If you want to destruct a nation so firstly destruct and finish it’s education”
And it is what the enemies are doing.I am afraid that we will loose our freedom due to this fear.When we will grow up?
When we will struggle?
When we will unite?
I request to that every Baloch who is reading it,Please,please raise your voice.
The pamphlet that has been issued by the unknown organization Al-Islam-ul-furqan:
The words in pamphlet:
People are trying to promote the European culture and are trying to educate the girls in Coeducational institutes that is not good.
Parents should send their daughters in Governmental schools.
If they send their daughters in Coeducational institutes and if any female teacher teaches in Coeducational School so she will be targeted.
We also strictly order the School vans that they shouldn’t bring female students and teachers in Coeducational institutes.
We have seen from the mobiles of male teachers that there have been pictures of female students,recordings and messages.
So we request that close coeducational institutes or separate the girls(send them in governmental Schools).
If anyone promoted and didn’t close the coeducational Schools,so it will be considered that they are enemies of Islam.And they will be hardly sentenced and punished if they didn’t follow us.
Girls can continue their education in a separate School or in Governmental School.
The names given below are strictly emphasized  that they should stop girl’s education:
Sir Major Hussain
Sir Zahir Hussain
Sir Haji Lateef
Sir Hafiz Amir Madni
Sir Jameel.

Now the questions that raise in my mind or in mind of any student and teacher are:
Why this pamphlet has been issued?Any reason????
Why girls should study in Governmental schools whereas Education in Governmental Schools is equal to 0%.
How this organization came into being and who established it?

The teachers also went to education office and had a press conference to sort out this problem.
We appeal to the government of Balochistan,Dr.Maalik,and the media to take action and should support us.
Please help us in saving Girl’s Education in Balochistan.
Teachers have been threatened via their phones to stop girls from getting education.
They first entered in a Private school in Washbodh and threatened the teachers.They talked rudely with them,the same incident occurred in The Ideal Academy Panjgur.
Now the thing that teases our mind is that Malala Yousufzai was a student who was shot and she struggled so the whole countries supported her and this issue is higher and bigger than that problem so why no one is supporting us??UN who solves thousands of problems,Where it is??
We appeal to all that please support me and other baloch students/teachers and specially girls that they should continue their education.
What is bad in Coeducation?
Problems are everywhere but it doesn’t mean we should bend our heads in front of the problems.Coeducation gives the students courage to compete the public and others.
It has been said too that whoever writes a report,an article so he/she will be in danger!!!
The closure of Coeducational Schools,bane on Girl’s education is the biggest problem that has occurred in Panjgoor but our fingers are crossed.Our protest will be continues as long as this act will not be finished.if i will be targeted by them so nothing will happen.Tomorrow another Baloch female student will stand up and will raise her voice against the injustice and violence but how many people they will target??
Our protest and struggle is continued…..