” A broken family “

they are four members
parents and two sisters
the father cheated on the mother
he didn’t care about his wife or little daughter
the mother broke down and wanted a divorce
the father didn’t mind at all  ,of course
after the divorce they come back  again
the mother and daughters tried to hide the pain
the life as we know it change for them
they all became a dark complicated version of the old  them
the mother felt broken and lost the trust  in all men
she changed radically and  she didn’t realize even when
the elder daughter was young and sad
but she get over it and become strong and mad
the younger daughter wasn’t born yet
lucky for her , she  didn’t live that shit
the parents start to fight all the time
and that was so bad , it wasn’t fine
they hate each other  so bad
and they make every one around them so mad
the hole family is now broken inside
but they look fine on the outside
they put smiely faces to hide the pain
and all the scares that remain
they live in sadness after the trauma
their life is full of tragedy and drama
they are still fighting and talking about divorce
but after all that sorrow , divorce doesn’t matter , of course
that’s the story of the broken family
it’s sour , bad , sad and never forgotten memory .