“Confessions of a crazy wise girl”

the world is not a big happy place full of joy
some people manipulate others like a toy
everyone of us have a little shelter of his own
which we head to it when things go wrong
i scattered my memories on the floor
just to see which one is important more
i found a chaos of agony and fantasy
and part of it was a tiny ecstasy
when i was i child, i thought life is all about loyalty
but with time , i figured out that it’s full of deceit and cruelty
i just wanna capture all the beautiful moments inside
and i wanna leave the bitter ones behind
time is running like a train , so fast
so i guess it is impossible to last
sometimes, i need second opportunities
to clear up the mess and redefine my priorities
i have always followed my inner intuition
because it’ the only one that gives me a pure conformation
i live my life with determination and no limitation
because in the end , death is gonna be my final destination