Surely you are kidding??

Get this – pseudo-science trying to negate the Mozart Effect!

Violin Tricks

In an article from December last year, (our foremost Scientific Journal) categorically states that

Music does not make your child smarter.

The article cites 2 studies, done in total on 2 separate groups of preschoolers (and their parents).  The one study compared IQ of 15 toddlers doing “musical activities” with their parents and in class, with another group of 14 toddlers doing visual arts “activities” and found no significant differences.

The second study spanned a total of a whopping 45 more children (no ages specified, nor is the length of the study specified) where some of them got some sort of musical instruction and the others did not.  Once again, no changes noted.

The conclusion drawn from this is that the well-established observation that musical instruction improves a child’s (and adult’s) mental abilities, is wrong.  Not only this, but the article suggests that there is “very little evidence”…

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