Story of my life

story of my life is not some fancy vacation
story of my life is a bad complication
sometimes , i feel that my life is just a mess
and rarely when i think of it as a bless
in my life , i ‘ve known the true meaning of frustration
and i keep looking for some kind of salvation
actually, my life is not full of fiction and insanity
it’s just crowded with facts and reality
i’m not a girl who looking for perfection
i’m just searching for the right direction
i’ve learned that there is no pure loyalty
there is just the new modern fake honesty
story of my life started with a shattered trust and a broken family
and i’m not sure if it’s gonna end with a  bad , sad , or a good memory
story of my life gave me unique inspiration
and it made me learn the meaning of adaptation
in my heart, there is a lot of hidden pain
deep down , so many scars still open and remain
story of my life thought me an unusual education
and it blessed me with a powerful determination
i know , i have to live my life the way that i want
because this is what life is about
this is was a mysterious true confession
and i’m still on my way to find redemption .