you come with your darkness to reap someone’s soul
you don’t care if he’s young , old , sane or a fool
you make in hearts a deep huge hole
because this is your job , this is your role
you break the heart of so many families
and you leave them drowning in their lost memories
they cry and shed all their tears
deep down ” death” is the worst type of their fears
you reap the soul of any one and every one
either a mother , daughter , father ,son , brother , sister or beloved one
“death” , yes you , why do you always bring agony , grief and sorrow ?
and why do you make people afraid of tomorrow?
the time of your visit is unexpected
and the soul you gonna take always feel unprotected
after your visit , you leave people like an empty shell
and you make them suffer  as if they were in hell
some of them look for absolution and forgiveness
others crying , and feeling  regret and sadness
after you took what you came for,
the life of the living ones  becomes bitter and sour
you are awful , but also important and priceless
because without you , some people would still be dirty and reckless
when you came , you make people realize , that life is so short  and precious
so they should appreciate their lives and live it with clean heart , mind and conscious .