In the Beginning….

The first one

Power of One by Nancy

What I hope to share with everyone who decides to share in this experience with me…is the sense of renewal and the excitement of the road ahead.  And I have no idea what that looks like….but the idea of it is exhilarating none the less. 

The Power of One…that connection…how many people to you come into contact on any given day?  What energy are you parlaying to them?  Are you reaching out for the sense of human contact or are you drawing back from it?  It is amazing if you stop and think how many people you actually interact with on any given day…even more exciting is what you can possibly share with them. 

Think about it.  We will never be in the exact same place at the exact same time in the course of this world turning ever again.  This moment will never come again. There will always be…

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