My Best Shopping Tips

Your consumer choices can make a difference. Make them wisely AND save some money! 🙂

Stacy Alexander

The choices that we make as consumers are powerful ones.  The system is simple.  The more you buy of something, the more it will be produced.  When you get picky and start to demand higher quality, sustainable products at affordable prices, and you start to apply your money toward this end, manufacturers will take notice and start to answer the call.  I hate to shop, but when I do, I know how to stretch a dollar.  I am not above buying re-purposed items, slapping a new finish onto a used dresser or wearing lightly used clothing.  This is a normal way of life here in Portland.  It is sort of frowned upon NOT to engage in this type of consumerism.  You couldn’t pay me to shop someplace like Sam’s Club that engages in animal cruelty by selling factory farmed meats and that sells “organic” produce from China.  No way!  Any…

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