Picture This….Part Four…Hope Springs Eternal

Power of One by Nancy

Spring is a time of re-birth.  The trees, shrubs and plants that were skeletal during the winter months begin to produce little nubs and then there is an explosion of colour.

2014-04-08 14.04.24

Perhaps it’s a reminder of the cycle of life.  And with each renewal our trees become taller and more robust.  Their grandeur that much more majestic than the year before.

Yet in one swift moment we have the ability to destroy them.

Oh, I know, that trees suffer from disease just as we do.  And I understand the necessity of culling the forest and the need for materials to build shelters, etc.

Should we not also be the guardians of this planet?

Perhaps at some point we were and I have to wonder when it all went awry.

2014-04-08 14.04.302014-04-08 13.35.572013-11-28 09.45.30

These were taken in Vancouver’s West-End a couple of days ago on a walk-a-bout on my lunch hour.  

If we…

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