Pannekoeken and Mountain Exercise

Stacy Alexander

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When we lived in Western Massachusetts, twice a month we would go to a little German pancake place in a nearby town for their outrageous Apple Pannekoeken.   For those of you unfamiliar with Pannekoeken, it is a gigantic Dutch/Belgian-style puff-pillow of a pancake that comes filled with fruit or custard or plain, to be eaten with (usually) butter and maple syrup.  They are rather light in texture; although a good Pannekoeken will have a bit of density per nibble as well.  I could never finish one on my own.  In fact, to say that I could even eat half of one is stretching the truth, but I enjoyed every bite that I did take, regardless.  They taste good!

The place, whose name escapes me, made Pannekoeken using the traditional addition of 50% buckwheat flour, which is a good thing, since buckwheat is so nutritious.  This method is less common…

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