Smooth Operator

Try a smoothie!

Stacy Alexander

A friend refers to me as the Smoothie Queen.  Indeed, I do make a lot of smoothies.  They are easy, delicious ways to get a lot of nutrients, including a good deal of protein, and there are so many delicious flavor combinations that they never get boring.  This morning’s flavor was banana/almond/strawberry.


I keep certain ingredients on hand at all times to make the smoothie-making process faster and easier.


Bananas are the main staple of all of my smoothies.  I buy fresh organic ones and toss them into the refrigerator. Frozen bananas are used instead of ice cubes, because ice cubes can water down the flavor of the smoothie.  Frozen bananas whip up smooth and creamy and because they are frozen, they chill the drink.  Adding bananas makes it unnecessary to add any other kind of sweeteners, too. Yum.


I use almond milk in all of my smoothies.  Almond…

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