Online Personality Tests

Online personality tests can be fun! (but please don’t take them too seriously…)

Stacy Alexander

Aren’t online personality tests fun?  One thing I have learned as a graduate student of psychology, however,  is that one shouldn’t place too much stock in the accuracy of these online tests. Real psychological testing is much more complex than these little online tests and should be conducted by people that are specially trained to administer them.  Still, one can have a good time taking these for entertainment purposes, and conducting honest self-assessments to determine whether their results fit can also be fun. 

Personally,  I have always found that the ones that have something to do with COLOR are the most accurate for me.  It might be because I’m an artist, or it might be because these types of tests are actually the most accurate.  Who knows?  In any case, I had fun taking this one and my results are below.  

If you would like to take it, simply click

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