Happy (and ok, sleepless, too…) in Seattle

A quick trip to Seattle for two days of fun.

Stacy Alexander


I have just returned from my morning walk where the apple, cherry and magnolia blossoms left a delicate carpet along my path.  Springtime in Portland is indescribably beautiful.  As I walked, I reflected upon the trip I took to Seattle late last week, and I smiled.  I had finished my school term (officially) on Thursday morning.  Anticipating the beginning of the next term, which starts today, my daughter, Sarah, her daughter, Ingrid, and my puppy, Beatrix and I, headed for the Emerald City.


It rained hard both going there and coming back, but we had sporadic spots of sunshine.  (Besides, it takes more than a little rain to slow me down!)   My daughter is a college professor.  Between her job and mine, and my being in grad school, we have little time for recreation together, so this trip meant the world to me.  To be able to share it with…

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