Our Own Skin Part One

Being a woman makes me an expert. An expert on women’s issues and an expert on Patriarchy, the only system of government I’ve ever known. And I have lived on this planet long enough to be able to tell you without a trace of vanity or arrogance; I am experienced.

When I say I’m an expert on women’s issues, I understand not all women agree on every woman’s issue, and I respect that. But I’ve also learned that females are biologically, emotionally and soulfully bonded by their very femaleness, their I relate, therefore I am worldview that stands in polar opposition to the separated, individualistic, competitive ego of the patriarchal man. I’ve found that although women are individual beings, they are also a tight sisterhood that generally sticks together, in spite of ruling man’s everlasting attempts to divide and conquer. Think of oxytocin, the love-bonding-relationship hormone that belongs primarily to women. Females don’t fight, they cuddle. (Although to demonstrate the female’s many, sometimes contradictory dimensions; Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom has also been called a guerilla warfare Goddess. Fighting for justice, no doubt.)

For thousands of years women have been victimized by a patriarchal system, but I do not see women as powerless victims. I am not a powerless victim. I see the whole female sex as being the most powerful force in the universe, and everyone on earth knows this too. But muscle is muscle, and that powerful sexual force has been muscled into an image the female gender has been forced to conform to.

Together, women and men built the institution of patriarchy. Although females had few or no choices within that system, women have always been a cohesive and community-building force. Under patriarchy women and men are like a longtime married couple. It’s a relationship that has developed and grown with time to become what it is today.

From its start, until its ending, Patriarchy has been and will be about the forced ownership and exploitation of the female, her sexuality, reproductive capabilities and her labor. What’s important to understand about this relationship is that Patriarchy would not exist without this specific male/female power dynamic. The male-female relationship under this system is where economics began. Five thousand years later we have Wall Street. A woman’s body was patriarchal man’s first capital, his first real estate. The first sovereign land to be conquered and colonized. Today woman’s body is man’s biggest capital investment, bigger than the military, bigger than oil. And ever renewable.

But what about the irresistible-earth-shaking-pleasure-giving-sexual-attraction between a woman and a man? Yes, well, within that desirable state men have made up all the roles and rules about sex, how women should look, act and feel. Perhaps this is true now more than ever with the universality of a male-controlled media that relentlessly exploits female skin.

When I think back on an ancient humanity that for a very long time honored a woman’s body as the living powerful sexual-creative force of the Great Goddess herself, I have to ask;

How can it be that so many females today are uncomfortable in their own skin?

Imagine how comfortable and cozy women must have felt, living fully in their own skin.

Our own skin. A bank of stored power, greater than ten thousand nukes.

Taking it back is the New Revolution.