Drunken late night hot chocolate recipe

A Quick late night drunken hot chocolate recipe………………… Ingredients…. 4 teaspoons of Cadburys hot chocolate powder. Some sliced and slightly sliced again sideways root ginger. Three day old forgotten little scraps of broccoli. 1 Mug of full fat milk. Method…   slice some ginger root off and then slice the slices sideways a few times. Chuck them in saucepan along with forgotten remains of three day old broccoli from whatever the hell it was you were cooking the other day. Place one mug of full fat milk in the pan on a low heat for ten minutes or until the milk starts bubbling over everything and messing up the place or the neighbours call the fire brigade. Place 4 teaspoons of the chocolate powder in your mug. Pour a tiny bit of the hot milk though a tea strainer or somethin. Then stir for ages or until all the lumps have gone. Then add enough milk through the tea strainer or somethin to fill the mug and stir again. Turn the gas or electric off at your appliance to avoid impending doom and funeral expenses. Enjoy!