Pain in the name

Pain in the name I certainly took the long tour – certainty is gained lost love, am I but a whore – Insane or am I righteous, what were we for – I never wanted fights; just something like more – but you knew, you threw your fits,you gave me that shit – left me in the pits – now I’m getting sick or sorted out, without tricks – No sticks no stones – I didn’t break any bones – alone getting tempted take man who cause woe – Wicked side I know well – I no tell I dispel – ride it out pass go – go past flames of hell – telling signs define sighs – maybe cry my tears dry – oh well never mind – lines of fate realigned – as the light can be bright – I lose might I take fright I take faded insight – mistakes ‘ll shed light – will I wake will I break I stand firm with my height taking days into days into ways to play right