Penguin joke and sit on my face

Penguin joke…

Two penguins at the bar. The bar man asks them what they want. One penguin looks to the other. For a while there is an undeniable air of compassion between the two penguins. This air of love soon turns to a slow sensual and passionate kiss. Then they stop. One looks to the other, sighs, then looks to the floor and waddles off to the toilet. Then other penguin then looks at the barman and says… “I’ll have a pint of guiness and a gin and tonic please, or er and some cheese and onion crisps if you have any”

Sit on my face

I bit I’d lick it hit it
sit on these here lips
We can fit out and
Obliterate the tension in those hips
Arouse the nips
Devour quick/slow
the situation well you know
Trip out the light no need to fight
Strip me I’ma stay down low

Whips an slaps real quick no crash
Like a flash for the splash
Still much more on the ass
No need to get nasty
Just slap me real hard
As if you gonna ask me
No don’t be leavin no scars
N we be show great regard
For our form bla bla bla
Blablabla blablabla
Blablabla blablabla