A Brief Analogy….Sex & Chocolate

strawberry 3chocolate

It is that time of year again.  Valentines Day has rolled around once more sending men into a panic as to what they should pony up and purchase for their beloved.  I am not too sure if women are equally stressed as to what to get for their counterpart.

Considering that I’ve been single for the better part of a lifetime this day is a wee bit of a mystery to me though I do recall many moons ago receiving a heart shaped box of chocolates from my beau.

Sex and chocolate.  What a combination!  Now I’ve also heard it said that many women prefer chocolate to sex.

This too, as always confounded me.  I love chocolate just as much as every other woman on this planet but never in all the years of consumption has it ever produced or initiated an orgasm for me.

I can see the use of chocolate during sex.  Messy, but delightfully fun if you are with someone.  The chocolate fondue set that you received for Christmas last year that you thought you’d never use could be very useful in this endeavour.

From experience with food during sex, I would suggest you invest in a rubber sheet to protect the mattress if you plan on using the bed.  Other areas are equally fun such as the kitchen table, the floor, the closet…you get the idea…anywhere your little heart desires.  I would say the beach but its a little cold this time of year for a romp on the surf.  If you are so blessed to live in tropical climates then have at ‘er.

Keep in mind if you are going to use chocolate that you shouldn’t smear it all over your body as the residue can be quite sticky.  Still if you were on beach you could pop in the surf and clean up quick.  Hell, even if you were at home you could take it into the shower and progress from there…so please, go ahead and smear away!

sex choco

Some foods I wouldn’t advise using would be honey.  Peanut butter has kind of a pungent scent…but you could mix it with the chocolate.  Give Reese’s Pieces a run for their money, dammit!.  And remember…sex is not just intercourse.  Intercourse can be the main course, but damn…foreplay is should tickle the senses and entice every nerve in the body and let’s not forget about dessert!

If you are single, pull out your favorite toy.  I am not a fan of vibrators, but that’s just me. If they made one that sings like Barry White I may be persuaded, however, the times when I have invested in one they end up sounding like a lawn mower with a Yamaha engine under the hood.

I’m too sexy for my vibrator…too sexy!

There are some really fun little toys out there. Pick yourself up a bottle of Merlot or a Malbec.  Some strawberries to dip in that chocolate fondue set you got for Christmas that you thought you’d never use…and go ahead and plug in that Barry White CD.  I dare you!

strawberry 4strawberry1

And have fun!  May all of you get a boat load of sex and chocolate for Valentines!

Have a very Happy Valentines Day where ever you may be!

PS Gotta run!  A co-worker just brought in chocolate…strawberries covered in the stuff….petits…I am halfway there.  Cheers!