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‘I got tagged! That means I’ve got to answer four questions and tag three fellow authors in my blogging community. In turn, they get to do the same. Now that makes me feel better…getting someone else to share the burden.    This is a great way of supporting each other as authors by helping our works get a little bit more attention out there, wherever there is’.  posted by Kev.

I woke this morning and fired up the computer to find that I’d been tagged by Kevin.  I’ve never met Kevin but I do enjoy his blog and will at some point order some of his books.  By all accounts Kevin you present yourself as a warm and friendly individual with a keen curiosity and a head full of words just waiting to be played with.

I have an Kobo that I’m still not too sure how to use.  Yes, I am at times challenged with the pace of technology.  Perhaps I should start with reading the directions?  Oddly enough I have never really liked doing this as I find their presentation ultimately very boring.

Okay, enough whining.  What’s new in my corner of the globe?  I will be launching my first book ‘With This In Mind’ shortly and I will be doing so through a publishing company that I am forming.

I have been researching all the information to self-publish as I have chosen to go this route as I do want to get to know the business.  During this process the idea emerged to start my own company.  I met with my financial advisor on Friday afternoon and now know the final steps needed to make this a reality.  Once I have this up and running then I will launch my book.

I am excited though at what I will be offering to fellow writers and will definitely bring everyone up to speed.  The business model is great.  I ran the ideas by one of my writing groups later Friday evening and they were very supportive.

So I will get to these questions then.


I am currently working a fictional novel that falls somewhere in the Erotica genre.

When I began this book the idea was to honor what Erotica actually is.  Then a curious thing happened and while I was writing these hot and heavy sex scenes and interviewing people along the way I found myself more intrigued by the journey we travel with our sexuality.  What is it that shapes us and how does trauma affect us ultimately in who we become as sexual beings.

In other words, I began to create characters where I could explore their sexuality.  And while there will still be some crazy ass and hot sex scenes that will be at times deliciously fun and intense, I want to explore sexuality’s dark side as well.

I am seven chapters in and have assembled an interesting cast of characters.   I am getting better at interviewing people as well.  I have been interviewing people who practice kinkier forms of sex and who work in the sex trade industry.  From these interviews I am creating fictional characters with the hope of telling a story of acceptance and discovery.  During the process I am educating myself.


I have always written.  It is the one form of communication that allowed free expression.  And the beauty for me is that I could rant and scream on the page then destroy it.  No one would know…just the page now torn in a thousand pieces.

Now that I have settled emotions that once ran wild I want to tell stories and explore this world of mine.

Well this topic has been discussed with my writing groups a few times.  Many writers have a definite format.  They do the outline, build a story board then develop it from that point.

I just get a general idea and if I like it I’ll write a few chapters to see if the idea works and the characters are feasible.

Sometimes the idea goes onto the shelf.  I actually had two works in progress that I really wasn’t too sure what to do with.  Then I had an idea for a new book and in the process of jotting down the first few chapters an idea formed and I realized the two books that had, up until that point, been totally unrelated could be used with this idea to form a trilogy.  So that project will be next.

And that about sums it up.  Now I have to figure out how to tag others.  Thanks.


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