Let’s Be Positive!

As this is the first piece of writing I am doing in 2014, I thought I should start with something positive. What would be more positive than talking about how to overcome negativity and what it does to us? Last few months were an emotional roller coaster ride for me in real sense. It took the best of me. From being bothered about putting on some weight, to hearing about grannas chronic illness, to mum acting distant, to having money issues, to hating everyone and whatever they did, to having fights with boyfriend and to also hitting that low point in life.

Everything came onto me all at once. I thought it was a full stop for me but boy I was wrong. After all of these ups and downs I realized all this while I had built a wall of negativity around me. I was most probably giving away negative vibes to every possible human being around and maybe that was the reason why I thought everybody was sick and they had made my life a living hell.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I was turning into a negative maniac day by day but it did take me too long to take actions against my behaviour. Talking about others minute details and how they have failed miserably and how they should learn from me had become a daily dose for me. I almost thought I was near to perfect. I was becoming sick day by day.

But one fine morning I got up and then I opened my Holy Bible. I read some verses and then I prayed to Him to take away all my negative energy and fill me with positive ones. After praying for quite some time I could feel a good positive energy in me. I got up and started walking and with every step I said positivity come into me and throw away this negativity. By the end of my 30 minutes walk I was livelier than before and suddenly people who were kind of hostile seemed friendlier.

Then I realized that positivity is not something which when asked comes to us, positivity is the way of thinking. If we think positive then we only tend to see positive things happening around us and vice versa. It is also very important to know the source of negativity and once we find that out we all should do what we are supposed to do.. CUT THE NEGATIVE SOURCE FROM OUR LIFE.

Be positive be happy because we live only once. Pray as much as possible because that gives us power to fight away the negativity. Think positively even when you can’t because way of thinking is a habit. Always remember you lose everything and everyone and moreover you lose yourself first when negativity grabs you. Negativity ruins us so don’t let that happen because you are worth all the attention and you deserve every bit of happiness.