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How to deal with cold-callers (and cut short attempted scams in the bargain)

the red ant

How often does someone call you from a company you already deal with (or a friend deals with) to make you an amazing offer?

How often do they insist on closing the sale right there on the phone, expecting you to hand over your ID number and banking details (they already have your cellphone number)?

How do they identify themselves?  Do they already have access to your account details with that company?  (Say for argument’s sake, “MySkinnyBody” gym or “MarvellousConnections” mobile company?)


Let’s say it’s not a scam.  Let’s say the actual company is behind this.  (We believe them because after all they told us things out of our account that the company would surely never disclose – would they?)

Let’s say you accept the offer, and something goes wrong – e.g. the company takes a lot more out of your account than they said they would.

How do…

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