A treat and a music publishing house

the red ant

Thanks to all my peeps who came by to pat me on the back and give me hugs when I was feeling so down!  You are appreciated!! This morning: A friend organized a gift pack for me (she didn’t know about my attention-seeking misbehaviour, she’s not a blogger) from Isabella Garcia skin care products!  Now, we’re very loyal Amway people for the past 15 years already, and I adore the Artistry skin range, but a gift is a gift and what a delightful one!  Dale Carnegie (so I read on Facebook so it must be true) said that we only really have four contact points with people:

  • what we look like
  • what we do
  • what we say and
  • how we say it.

I’ve been very serious about the latter 3 for ever, but it has to be brought home to a hill-billy like me that (1) is also important, in…

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