Every writer knows the importance of using correct vernacular for what he or she is writing about. Correct vernacular is honest.

I want to talk about women, men, sex and power because I see these dynamics as being directly related to the workings of our world today. I couldn’t discuss these things without talking about the sexual exploitation of females, by males. And this topic can lead me into some really funky neighborhoods where the language is foul.

As a writer I have always been aware of the importance of respecting the people who read what I write. I feel the way to do this is to write honestly. If I want to bring you right into the smutty world of porn to illustrate the sexual debasement there, the one dimensional word descriptions of women are utterly offensive to me, so how must they be to you? If I choose to be polite and considerate, I have to “clean up” the language, which amounts to hiding the truth, a form of dishonesty. You can see how the Patriarchy works to protect itself, to keep its own secrets, even by those whom it is working against.

My solution to this good people, is to warn you first. Please know I am not using repugnant (to me) language for titillation or sensation, unless that sensation is to shock you (by speaking honestly) into seeing what isn’t being shown, or into hearing what isn’t being said.

I hope this solution works out for us all, because I greatly enjoy this writing community we share.