“Well this could indeed be an interesting day”, said Nibbles. The stubborn ageing sun was rising outside of the shack. Of the scattered pots and pans piled on various bits of precariously placed chaotic junk resembling tops, sides and tables. Nibbles miraculously materialised a small stained and rusty pan, then placed it on a camping hob which was meticulously balanced on a tall pile of science books in the center of the only room. She flicked on the flame and proceeded to grab the handle of a chisel with both hands and slammed it into an egg that was larger than her own head. The walls were made of bits of old cars stolen from a breaking yard in the dead of night. A picture of a goose hanging off the wall, surrounded by a single warn layer of once lightening blue spray paint, slowly replied, just as he always did. With a stern cold silence, for the goose could not talk, for the goose was really just an element of an inanimate object. “Well your always fucking right… everyday” replied nibbles with a long sigh and long look towards the floor.

She had a dream in the early hours, a dream that would return and often left her feeling frazzled and confused more than usual while she rose. There was all but a glass bowl over a bunsen burner containing bubbling purple liquid. Sounds of childish laughter and chat would fade in and out at jagged intervals. A small spoon would come from nowhere held by a huge smooth hand. This hand took some of the purple liquid with the spoon and placed a small drop into each of a row of five test tubes. Two of the test tubes exploded instantly. The remaining three were left in a cupboard then completely forgotten about. The sun in the sky revolved around several times as the chatter, laughing and crashing around the cupboard gradually faded to an eerie silence. Then after a while of complete blackness There were three small creatures fighting one another and scowling with their teeth proudly on display. The fighting continued until the cupboard door was knocked open. The three creatures ran as far away from each other and the cupboard as they possibly could.