Cultural Apathy and the Benefits of Music

Violin Tricks

With all sorts of unreasonable extra expenses being foisted on South Africans, such as the unconstitutional e-tolls, the Wonder of Nkandla (one doesn’t have to wonder where the funds for this private homestead were embezzled), sky-rocketing food price hikes and the ever-climbing fuel price (of which a hefty proportion is levied to “recover” the e-tolling system), I noticed something very sad among parents and school-going students.

Cultural apathy.

Schools push for sport, sport, sport; I suspect this goes paired with hefty subsidies for “winning” schools.  Music, drama and art have been squished, via our govt, into one single subject and minimized as far possible:  “Arts and culture”.  Looking at the syllabus of the various grades (already for years), I spot a lot of costume-making, African dance, collages and making up rain songs in this subject (nothing wrong with any of these); but as to classical music theory and practice, close…

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