Comments Requested: 10 Qualities required in a Politician

Listening to a debate about the new water charges in Ireland prompted this satirical paragraph.


10 qualities needed to be a politician:

 (if you are Irish it is understood that you may choose to disregard this list and stand for election.)


1.      Common sense – knowing the difference between logic and illusion.

2.      Tactfulness and a fair sense of equality

3.      Pride in getting work done on time.

4.      A thorough knowledge of your specific department.

5.       Knowledge of our constitutional rights.

6.      Knowing the difference between being a diplomatic Government and a Despotic one.

7.      Knowledge of how to stick to a budget and how to adjust one accordingly.

8       Dress sense

9      A workaholic who actually works, not delivers an order for work to be done in his or her name.

10    The ability to give and not always expect to be on the receiving end.


I feel I am putting my neck on the line making this list but in reality common sense and logic seem to be missing from our political make up at the moment. The horrendous debate over water rates is never going to end. 

Logic decrees that a tiny charge per litre is fixed (for a term of five years or more) and that everyone pays it. We forget that often simple is best.

Looking forward to some replies on this one.