Why you should read the news.

Recently I have been collecting news stories from several resources. It’s a joy to see people get to know the world better in the easiest way possible: by going to Facebook. It can be taxing at times as there are so many things in the world we struggle to wrap our head around; and to add oil to fire, a new story pops up every second of the day.

We are living in interesting times. Don’t you think so? How does one catch up and stay up-to-date all the time? How does one know about everything in the world when there are millions of ecosystems on this planet we try to understand. No one ever does so. It may sound depressing for the perfectionist who craves to reach the finish line first but there’s a brighter side to this.

Historians learn from the past and impart the knowledge onto others. History is what analysts use to try to look into the future and make risky bets on what the world they think will transform into. This is like reading the news. Learn from the past and understand the present. Understand how people are like, understand why people do certain things and most importantly understand that we’re all different.

Arguments arise from misunderstanding and the person who barks the loudest, most sound logic try to win it. Why must we always win arguments and make other people look from our point of view? What happened to looking from the stranger’s point of view? Isn’t it much easier to understand instead of creating more conflict to selfishly retain a huge chunk of self-pride and ego.

I used to disdain opinions of Barisan Nasional supporters. Some of them argue that our country’s economy is doing well because of them. I used to say to myself, “Is the economy that important to you? Are you seriously prioritising the economy and abandoning the general welfare of our society?” Well, I am a first year undergraduate in the University of Leeds studying International Business and Finance and this is what I have to say:

The economy is bloody important; and, money makes the world go round.

Haters do not understand. Before you start dissing, learn business. Learn business, learn economics, learn finance. Those fields are specialties of their own like engineering, law, microbiology and graphic designing. We have different opinions but hating is never an option. You can stick passionately to your own opinion but it would not be wise to think that his or her opinion isn’t true, isn’t more important, isn’t more significant than your own.

I do not think inequality is NOT a major issue and that pollution, animal abuse and the like are flash points of alarming concern. However, I do KNOW the economy is that important to disregard, too important to ignore and is at times, if not all the time, ruthless.

It doesn’t mean you should hate it. Study business (not as a degree or whatever la). Study what finance is and how economics shapes your entire life so you can understand others…

…and prosper.

p.s. I can’t wait for Chinese New Year.