Cold heart

What a bitter lonely fool I have become. Fluttering and strung as if I knew to feel when young. Muttering in daydream serene beautiful pleas. To the teases of rejection where once my arms would please. Jittering the glitches the shun me shiver stun. No money could deliver me I need the arms of her. As we always say where we are damned we’ve just begun. But damn I need her love yet I still trust away she’ll run. I could be a thousand miles away yet I would feel her love. N I would be much less afraid no need to pray above. Inside, beside her ride her live. By her side my life to give. A bitter lonely fool, I have become so cold of misery, yet deep under the ice I am still thrice the man she needs of me. Still a fool and bitter cold and lonely of the drift, away of places I belong, is this of another trick. Split by wicked vapid tongue I have less love on show to some. I speak of object, resurrect my heart the fun depart of scum. Within I still shine on I love.