I iz understood I be as certain to be good

I coulda been better off so I iz bitter n fucked off

A lot you aint coughed up the lines I need to get it off to get it on to get it good

I wanna be someone I should

I shouldn’t be here in this hood I woulda had a lot to cough up –

on the bills the thrills the goods 2 . 4 the more I stood

by n felt the kill my will was broken past my ills  the chills my spine is shook –

I know the spooks had took a look

I never booked this half-life destiny or moved a pawn or rook

Left for me behind this less refined alarming crooked winding path is unaligned

I feel naked and reclined

Curled up and holding blindly to sweet dreams of others lives

To the gleaming breasted wives am I able to be kind

or is it quiet love is binded by the hatred still in mind

Reminded as the signs go by to walk beyond the lights

As frightened never mighty and they tell you it’s alright

Still it could be quite alright – still I not found myself fare

I remain aware in nighttime when I feel a little scared

The right time for another rhyme a line iz of my warez

As I care myself to sleep while the morning dawns out there

And I would care to weep but I ran dry of gone despair

Still I seek out sweet relief in disbelief in smoked out air

In heaps are all possessed possessions

Here there everywhere

blaring bleak intention no direction that I stare