Dear Internet users, just a few things about the start of 2014.

How are you today? Recently there has been a bombardment of New Years’ related status updates and 2014 resolutions. Amongst them is the plethora of pictures and 7-second videos with the theme being that resolutions were never meant to be fulfilled. Don’t these videos just dampen your goal-setting mood? I know I am being serious at such a cheerful time like this but these jokes will have serious negative effects on our attitudes in a long term if repeatedly brought up. There’s one I particularly dislike and it goes like this…

 “My goal for 2014 is to accomplish the goals of 2013 which I should have done in 2012 because I promised them in 2011 and planned in 2010.”

 In addition to that, people should realize that procrastinating is not ‘cool’ and yet they proudly announce it to the world that they are masters of it. Procrastination is not going to get you anywhere, ladies and gentlemen. So instead of doing that, why not get on with your goals right now! Now is the time of everything that should be done. Now is never the wrong time for the right things. Work towards those goals one by one. C’mon, let’s get a move on!

 The second thing I would like to discuss with you is the elaborate year reviews of your Internet users. They are very good at it. It’s inspiring when I read through these detailed paragraphs, wondering what an awesome year he or she must have had; but, I can’t deny that there’s a significant part of me (that I would like to eliminate) that makes me feel insignificant. The part which makes you think “What have I been doing all this time?” The part that shouts to you “Look at those accomplishments, all of which are not belonged to you. Now look at yourself. What are you compared to him/her?”

 From another perspective, it oozes out downright bragging.

 “I’m not bragging about how my year was but…”

Then every single detail of his/her year is listed out. Usually only the good parts. I like how these reviews are usually completely positive, spotless; but it doesn’t sound remotely realistic if it’s sugar coated (like some Toastmasters speech evaluations).

 It just sounds like bragging to me. Where are the bad parts? I guess people are shy to let others know the downs of their lives. Polish the ups, delete the downs. Yeap. Bragging. I’d prefer listening to the bad as well, to at least be able empathise with.

 Also, I would rather see people expressing their appreciation for their loved ones and the inevitable group of people who gave them bad days, only to let them prove themselves to be resilient, perseverant and stubbornly determined in life. Those are the ones who deserve the credit in your life too; the good and the bad; because ultimately it is the people who surround you that shape your life, your wellbeing and your existence. So by all means lavish yourself in hard earned glory but never forget without them, the good and the bad, the person you are this 2014 would not exist.

 Come the days and months ahead of us this year, let’s keep finding opportunities, let’s stop using the word ‘problem’ and instead use the world ‘challenge’, let’s stop procrastinating; let’s start something great for ourselves and for those we care, let’s start showing our loved ones we love them, let’s be sincere in our thank yous and how are yous and finally, let’s live like the world is ours.

 Have an awesome day ahead no matter who and where you are on this unpredictable planet.