Launched on the 5th of December 2013

A brand new bookstore for the discerning reader over 18.

Honeymead Books

Honeymead Books was officially launched on the 5th of December 2013. A December to remember as the last few hours before launch was a final check of all links, visuals and webpage-related doodahs.

We launched with two books, “The Pourne Identity” by Douglas Pearce and “Arcana” by gipsika.

“The Pourne Identity” is a satirical romp along the beginning lines of “The Bourne Identity” but a swing to the left, a jab to the right and “siedaar”, a new and unconventional story emerges. Viagra and an adult topic and nuance here and there make this a mature read, which is what Honeymead Books( ) is all about.

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The second book in our launch is “Arcana” by gipsika. Magic, mystery, the occult and family ties mix merrily in this fast-moving story of discovery, love-triangles and corrupted values. A definite must for that evening spent in…

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