Kale Caesar w grilled shrimp & fried chilli | Simmzy’s Burger | Pub Scramble

Manhattan Beach is probably my favourite part of LA, its quaint beach vibe has a certain well-rounded community feel. I love the ocean, so I find myself pacing this stretch often, peaceful moments away from the blood sucking hordes down at Santa Monica. During my blissful short stints down at Manhattan there’s one, and only one, place I’ll ever enjoy my lunch.

Simmzy’s, what a find, an absolute gem. It’s an unpretentious craft beer bar, always buzzy with smiles and happy chatter, there’s a constant casual ‘brunch’ feel about the place. The real beauty of this little beach hangout is its consistency, it never fails to disappoint. The food is unfussy, it’s simple, packed with flavour and executed well. I’d eat almost anything on the concise menu, I’ve tried most of it, and honestly, there is nothing bad whatsoever.

I tend to eat the salads here more than anything else, they are all fantastic. My personal favourite is the “Kale Caesar” (baby kale, polenta croutons, bacon, capers, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, caesar dressing). The bacon and capers season the salad perfectly, and the cherry tomatoes, the tiniest you’ll ever see, add little notes of sweetness to the creamy dressing. I always add some beautiful grilled shrimp to beef it up, and some fried fresno chilli rings for added texture and serious hit! The “Ahi Tartar with Spicy Soy” is another favourite of mine; fresh, sweet, spicy and with crispy fried wonton skin chips for scooping, delicious.

I’d been to Simmzy’s numerous times and only eaten the salads due to the fact that my meals in Manhattan always followed surfing or running. I couldn’t justify eating a juicy burger and haystack of fries after doing exercise, no matter how mouthwatering they looked. Anyway one day I just bit the bullet, and boy was I glad I did, I probably undid all my previous hard work but it was totally worth it.

The burger here is top drawer. The flavoursome angus beef patty, perfectly cooked and oozing with melted cheddar and chow chow onions, the perfect amount of salad, and garlic aioli to tie it all together. Customise yours with a number of different goodies too. Huge bowls of haystack fries are a great accompaniment, choose between shoestring or sweet potato or mix it up with both together. Topped with blue cheese dressing, garlic and a touch of spicy sauce, they are not for the fainthearted.

Some of my other favourites are the “Spice & Vinegar Pulled Pork Panino”, melted, toasty, gooey, slow cooked meatiness dipped in “au jus”. If you’re not in the mood for a heart attack go for the “Grilled Fish Tacos”, they’re light with a nice zing and fiery hit, bursting with freshness. Just don’t forget to try the “15 Minute Wings”. Some hot wings can be extremely acidic having a stripping effect on the palate but not these babies. They’re moist, crisp, sweet and spicy, the balance is spot on and there’s a slight Asian hint to the flavour, I’m a huge fan.

The best time to pop in to Simmzy’s is on the weekend, you’ll wait for a considerable amount of time but who cares when you can sink a couple of their excellent sangrias while you wait. There are few extra brunch style options on the menu too. Nursing a heavy hangover? The “Pub Scramble” will sort you right out; scrambled organic eggs with andouille sausage, bacon, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, shaved parmesan, potatoes and cheddar, served with a dollop of sour cream & grilled bread. Sound like a cure to you?

So if you’re in LA and haven’t been to Manhattan Beach you’re missing out. Cruise down on a beautiful day, lay about on the beach, soak up the sea air and have a fantastic lunch at Simmzy’s. It’ll be a perfect afternoon.


229 Manhattan Beach Blvd
Manhattan Beach
CA 90266

+1 310 546 1201