Facebook wall things and Yar yar yar

I left my keys at the library as it turns out. All is well, I had a few moments of stressful confusion to the young woman told me they were not at the cinema. They were not at the coop shop on forestreet either.

for my evening meal I had a tin of salmon and a glass of milk. I may eat some celery and have a hot chocolate. I have done a little walking around and visited two friends today

I think it is disgraceful, the cookies that the cookie monster in my imagination eats and throws at people when he is annoyed….. Do not have chocolate chips on them, and they do not even look like cookies, more like pale ginger nut biscuits or cheap hob nob imitations, I am a little unhappy about this

Stuff not to say to females : well you are very pretty, just like all the others. Wow your are very beautiful, does this imply you are inbred.

Stuff not to say to females : maybe you are a secret rape baby

Yar yar yar

yar yar yar. Well you did not expect much more than this did you. A whole lotta toff tish and dribble for your old socks. Well I could endow the love of all our bygone days if feminine responses of some more fortunate’s where not so vagina/cunt/nasty. And not to mention I was naked, curled up needing cleansing, what have I done. I will truly regret this, I felt quite wrenching at the thought, I have learned that dental hygienist bills are higher for me as I have an exaggerated reaction to pain and the threat of it. Also this is true for things that are vile. I am just too easy, to the point I would make it easy for you. You want me, you want my dick, you want me to look like a cunt, yeah sure whatever you want just give me some food and I’ll come and make you queen of all the shoe cupboards this side of the equator, why do you even need to ask me first, I’ll just drink another beer will I. Time for the sexual health clinic. Happy FUCKING Joy Joy.