Fragmented diary – stolen from facebook wall as I feel lazy – 06-12-2013

Well a quick Peppa pig fix. I feel quite bad for daddy pig today as he is getting a lot of slack about his large size. Daddy pig clearly is overweight because of an eating disorder, which means he is more than likely a delicate and sad individual. He does not need to be mocked, he needs encouragement and a more supportive familly. In Daddy pigs case, I would guess he is effected by being in the military in years passed.

Well that is two packs of tobacco, minus a few rollies flushed down the toilet and one given away in the last two days, totalling about 12 quid. Over the last few years, on and off I have flushed, given away, binned and left lying around hundreds of pounds worth of tobacco, not too mention what I have bought and smoked and begged of others. Still I seem to return to the shop to buy more, even if it means I have no money left. I have even left myself without food at times, to borrow tenners of friends and familly. Will I ever learn!

I think I’ll go and see Nebraska at the exeter picturehouse tonight

I lost my keys somewhere. I was gonna have to knock on peoples doors and find a sofa to crash on like I used to. Luckily on the first knock J let me crash on his. So all is well. I can be quite forgetful at times, especially since I have had such a shit three years in some ways.

Its a shame J does not have preferable boobs and a vagina

and I bought ten fags, grrrrrrrr. I was imagining myself as the cookie monster having a fight with the count, as the cookie monster I did not like Christmas music, the count did. The count pulled me down and bit my neck, and me as the cookie monster head butted him, threw him accross the room and bombarded him with thousands of cookies at great velocity. Leaving him beaten and covered in crumbs. Although I think if I wanted them to turn the Christmas music off I would have to go to the bar and say something. Never mind

The fast and the furious is on J’s tv. Apparently this is a blokey movie. But so far I have only seen two women in it, both snogging topless men, while they are fully clothed. I think this is a blokey movie for blokey blokes who are so blokey that they fuck each other anal

Well Nebraska was initially a little dull. Although as the film went on I found it to be a beautiful, heart warming emotional journey. With a real, down to earth reflection of the human soul. Filmed in black and white following the torn peices of an old mans life and mind along the road to another broken dream with his not so broken, decent compassionate son. I have to admit I got a little moist at the end.