HoneyMead Books

New ebook shop opens – with 2 naughty titles soon to be 4.

the red ant

HoneyMead Books

… is now live.

If you only see 2 books at this point – do not fret; we’re working our fingers to stubs getting two more books ready, and there’s more in the pipeline.

But in the interim, why don’t you go ahead and peruse.

The Concept of Honeymead

A book by Honeymead starts as an ebook. When the sales volume warrants, a paperback version is brought out.  However paperback versions can also be ordered from Amazon; give a little time for each Honeymead book before it appears on Amazon.

Honeymead is wine made from honey.


Just as alcohol is not for children, so are the stories in Honeymead books – heady, sweet, in good taste, but not for kids.

Some have a naughty element.  Some deal with topics that are not suitable for children (like finances… just kidding).

Go on, go have a read – enjoy!

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