Looking For a Four Leaf Clover

All my life I’ve been looking for four leaf clovers.

I remember the first time I found one. I was seven years old and my sister Jeanie and I had gotten a new plastic pool for the summer, the kind you blow up, layer by layer. This year we had graduated from one layer to two, and I was euphoric. After an hour or so of splashing and dunking and playing and “swimming” the I best could in about a foot of water, I slouched up against the rubbery rim, exhausted, and as was my habit, I spaced out for awhile.

Lost in deep reverie, my eyes casually landed on the comfort of green watered grasses, and suddenly there it was, all but shouting at me to find it and pick it; a real four leaf clover. Feeling lucky, I made up my mind that very day to look for more, and to find them.

That was decades ago, and I’m still looking.

I can’t help it, every time I step into the cool green land of clover, I start looking. By now it’s automatic.

Just this morning while fussing around in the garden, I found two four leaf clovers, one quite large. So I can testify to everyone: Four leaf clovers are out there!

It is all in the looking.

And when I look, I find. I even found a four leaf clover once while jogging. (True story!) Sometimes I come across a whole cluster of them. One day I discovered a clump of them right outside my bedroom window. I plucked up nineteen of them, and could have taken more, but left a little luck for someone else to find.

I must have found hundreds of four leaf clovers by now, all of them safely pressed into my Big Book of Stitchery, which I use only for that.

I can tell you some things about the four leaf clover, things that would surprise you.

The four leafed clover is perennial. It comes back every year, sometimes in whole patches. If you find one four leaf clover, keep looking; there’s often another near by. Here at home there are several places I know where they are likely to be. If I feel in need of some luck, I can go right out and find some. Maybe that’s cheating, but I do have to remember the exact spot where the plant always comes up, and then I have to look, of course for the four leaf clovers.

It takes work too, always looking. It is not just all about finding.

I am not sure if my (now Guinness Book collection) of four leaf clovers has brought me a life of extraordinary fortune. I do have a good life though, and I am content. But I have gleaned a valuable lesson from this dedicated search. It is this:

Look and you will find.

People tell me I am lucky when they see me pluck from a solid sea of grass, a single green clover.

Often they say, “I’m not lucky like you. I’ve never found a four leaf clover.”

“Have you ever looked?” I ask.

“No.” is always the answer.

Look and you will find is a law; a great wisdom that if steadfastly followed, yields tangible results. I know this first hand. And it doesn’t just apply to four leafed clovers. I have discovered it works for anything I put my mind to, whether good for me, or harmful.

That is a pretty big lesson, coming from a little plant.

I started thinking one day that peace would be a good thing to start looking for. Goodness knows, we could use some.Violence is everywhere.

Looking for peace then, is going to be like looking for that one little four leaf clover in a whole field of grass.

It will take focus, attention, effort, devotion and love.

It will be like looking for, and finding a beloved four leaf clover, only this time I will be looking for, and finding peace. And what could be more lucky than that?