Does Hard Work Really Pay off in Ireland?

This post was prompted by Lmk66 ‘s post, which I recommend because you are getting two different views from two very different countries (America and Ireland). Below are simple facts. We have had a great life,  I’m not looking for sympathy.

I’m simply wondering how many others have a similar opinion?

We married young, in the early eighties. We figured we should only get a mortgage based on one income. The house was not great and in need of restoration but we could afford it. When the time came this allowed me to stay at home and bring up our two children.

When they were eleven and nine I went back to work. Low income, but paid work. We both worked for the next fourteen years, earning a low wage but combined, it worked for us. During that time we only spent what we had, holidayed where we could and enjoyed life but always put a few euros aside, for when unemployement struck. Because logic decreed it would at some time in our future.

Now we have discovered we are looked upon as being well off because we have savings. This means with one of us employed in a low income job we are deemed not eligible (if that one five day a week goes to a three day a week,) for support from the system.

The conclusion we have come to is this, if you apply logic to a way of life you are not rewarded in Ireland.

Does anyone else agree?