Diary entry and short story – 05-12-2013

Well considering I have no television or radio, I belive I have only heard three christmas songs this year, which is to me, music to my ears. Although being in the centre of our town today, the Christmas season has become all to apparent and a little sickening.  I have carried two small children today, whom I borrowed off of other people, do not worry I gave them back and I had not stolen them. I kicked some more leaves today, although by no means with the enthusiasm we had done the last time. I once again left my backpack in the local library, last time she took my number so she called me up to tell me this time, this could soon become a regular occurence. Well lack of enthusiasm continuing, I still have a lack of enthusiasm for writing this diary entry, I am quite hung over. Here is something I wrote at a writing group on Tuesday, I have not been for quite a while.

She had no idea where she was, or how she had arrived here. All around her was pitch black. The air moist, warm and clammy. She could hear constant dripping in reverberating repetition not far from her. The ground below her bare feet was hard, rocky and uneven. In a timid, shy, broken and shaky voice she said “hi”. After a pause… there was no response. She began to move her head around, her heart beat increasing more and more intensely along with her sense of panic and confusion. She then remained still as if frozen in ice. After a moment she began nervously feeling around her body as if hugging herself to find that she was completely naked. She then stopped and screamed at the maximum her lungs and throat would allow. Her screams echoed and reverberated around her. She continued to scream over and over each time her breath would allow. The intensity of the echoes and reverberation increased and increased, building up to a deafening reflection of her own terror and confusion.

Until she gave up. She submitted to her loneliness and slowly began curling into a child pose. The echoes of her voice gradually fading back into the eerie lonesome quiet, and the drip.. drip.. drip.. drip.. that she could first hear. She became unconscious.