Story Post – “Nix Romipen”

This is a series that starts on futuristic Earth. It doesn’t stay there though.

the red ant

Current edit:  The Solar Wind 6

This is the final volume in the Solar Wind canon.

Federi & co are on a mission to eradicate an alien species (typically human, hey?)

(in fairness, that species attacked first.)

Bet you wouldn’t,” growled Federi and focused on the path to the Danaan portal. They were out of the enemy fleet by now, with only one or two ships still shooting after them. He activated the Salamanca drives, which Perdita had installed for Paean so that the Comet had all the options of the Probe, too. They warped away from the space fleet and hurtled headlong in the direction of Pluto.

He’d have to be careful with the Salamanca drives. They accelerated the craft to nearly intergalactic speeds. He worried that he might miss the base entirely. But there simply weren’t hours available to do this on magnetic drives alone. A bit…

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