There is no other thought that could enter into my mind as a man that could bring me to my knees, humble me and at times make me cry like a baby than the thought of my Lord and Savior dying in my place on the Cross that I might live. Have you really, and I mean really gave this reality some serious thought? The fact that our God, our Lord and King prepared a body, step down from his position in heaven to come down here and save us, not only from the bondage of the enemy, but from ourselves for those of us who would accept him as Lord and Savior. The fact that He had YOU in His thoughts to make sure you return home safe and sound. Family, we serve such an awesome God that my emotions can’t contain what I’m feeling right now at the thought of this once again. He predestined us, called us, justified us and glorified us; joint heir kings and queens along with our Lord…seated us in the heavens, for this was His will and good pleasure. There is NO greater love than this. To think of all he had to endure, the price he had to pay to set us free, to redeem us and reconcile us back to the Father… do we really know all that he had to endure? What actually was taking place in the spiritual realm? We only can see the surface, not the whole story, just a fraction of what was taking place. To ponder the thought of the Romans nailing the spikes into his wrist and he crying out…“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” This should give us an idea that we really don’t know to what extent had to take place to accomplish this. However, I am convinced of this, the Word states only believe and those that call on the name of the Lord SHALL be saved. That there is NO OTHER name under heaven that a person can be saved other than through Jesus Christ our Lord, that’s that. And that’s what we shall stand on. Therefore behold this before you each day, this price that was paid to redeem you, and take a moment each day to stop the world around you and say; “Father, thank for loving me so much and thinking of me when you gave your only Son to take my place on the Cross, and for that reason, because He died for me…I will live for him until you bring me safely home.” Amen.