I can’t…

It was the farewell today in our school.
I can’t explain my feelings that how i am right now.
The school from where i got my childhood,from where i was given love.The school where i spent 12 years of my life.I was a small kid when i went to school and i wept too much,and our own principal used to drop me in my home.In our school we walked like kings.We didn’t listen to any one.
In 3 and 4 class we were very good students(the trust group),then when we came in 8th so we became very naughty.
we used to tease our teachers.
but today i am weeping while writing this post.Because today i am missing those all moments passed int the gallery of Oasis.
I am missing my all teachers,my all friends and i can’t stop my self from weeping.
We have wept a lot.when we knew that a few days are remaining so we wept a lot.
yesterday was the worst day in our class and today i can say it was the hardest day in our life to say the worst word”Good-Bye” to each other.we all wept very much .We enjoyed first by throwing inks on each other and then we wept ourself.We also took the autographs of all teachers.And we also wrote on our scarfs and here is mine.Have a view:

We all were so upset and we all also walked in the whole school by singing the songs(yeh pal hamien yad aengy & yeh dosti hum nai thodengey) and all teachers were laughing on us at morning time and some of them were also upset that we were leaving.Principal was so emotional on party day.
Today at assembly we also sung the national anthem of Baluchistan but before we took permeation from principal so he smiled and said yes,we became very happy and we started preparing ourselves for assembly.Today when we went so principal called us in his Office and told us to sing it,we sung it and he said us to come with him at assembly,We went and today the whole school was standing in-front of us,but we didn’t fear and we sung it good and all teachers liked it very much.
I will miss y school very much,i know then we won’t be able to see each other and we can never meet our teachers and TOA(the Oasis Academy).
Today i really wanna thank my every teacher who cared for me,who taught me and who encouraged me.I am also thankful to my parents that they admitted me in TOA so that i got such beautiful friends and teachers.
We also sung(Kabi alvida na kehna) in our class loudly but principal said nothing.
Well i can’t write more.Bye.Have a good day :) :) :)