Diary entry 30-11-2013

Well last night I had myself some food which I just ate random stuff from the fridge separately and in no particular order; two tomatoes, a bowl of yogurt, an avocado, 4 fried sausages, some fruit juice. I then decided I would go to the picture house bar, drink fruit juice and play some utopian boggle (involving my advanced boggle modification which involved taking the battery out so it doesnt beep after 3 minutes – the utopian way does not involve keeping score or rushing myself, thus is more relaxed and more enjoyable – not dissimilar to dyslexic scrabble). Although I felt the need to go for a medium walk. As I have a not so smart phone and I do not comply with television, radio or other forms of internet. I called up the met office to find out what the weather would be like for the next few hours. The weather was to be cold yet mild with a slight wind and a small chance of rain. I put on my coat and walked out the door. Of course I had forgotten to pack my boggle, paper and pencil-case, so I quickly returned home to get these things. I set out a walking course in my mind but I kinda went the wrong way, I did something along the lines of only 3-4 miles and stopped at my friend Jamie’s house for a wee. Jamie was sniffly with a cold or something. We watched most of an episode of the big bang theory. There was a blonde bimbo geek in it with massive boobs and a red dress and blonde hair, she was quite lovely. They lads were playing dungeons and dragons. I have played something similar only once or twice in my life. Jamie had one game of utopian boggle with me, although he did not engage too much, he is more interested in extreme metal involving people shouting about raping goats over 3 seconds of intense guitar riffs. I asked him if he wanted to come and drink fruit juice and play boggle at the picture house bar, I do not think this is rock n roll enough for him though so he stayed home. I then paced my way quickly to the picture house which is another miles or so. I got a text off my cousin to say my ex girl has had the baby that maybe not mine, I was quite angry as my ex had made some extra effort to make sure I never get to see it, and I have not looked into legal aid (which I think the Tories got rid of). Not only that but my ex girl is spoilt and would only expect baby socks that cost £200, whilst I could not afford that and she would complain and do my head in and expect all my money and things. Part of the reason we split was because she was quite promiscuous I was unsure the baby was mine and I did not want to look after someone elses baby or buy things for a baby that isn’t mine. There is a lot more to it besides. So I played boggle with some apricot and apple juice and some apple and pear juice on my own in an angry subdued manner. I reflected on how I had been fucked over and how the whole thing went wrong, I depicted the african american guy in the film I saw a couple of nights ago playing it cool in the Whitehouse all those years slowly watching his human rights come together. After a while three older ladies came and sat on the sofa next to the one I was on, they showed an interest in playing utopian boggle so we did. I gave them all a peace of paper and all but one a biro (she had her own) and we played two or three games. I noticed how when I spoke to them it seemed as though I was speaking in sexual innuendo without wanting too. I thought that if anyone can get you to talk dirty with an almost mystical air, its older women. The word “thud” came up in one of their word lists which reminded me of an experiment on physcologists that I once read about in the guardian newspaper. apparently there was this woman and she went to loads of psychologists and said she heard the word “thud” in her head and nothing more. The outcome was that the psychologists did nothing more than give her different meds or something (My mind forgets) – which was very interesting and proved that they are nothing more than deluded alchemists who don’t really have much human compassion or decent intelligence, anyway as I am not a researcher there is more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosenhan_experiment about the whole thing. So then I went home to have a hot chocolate and early to bed.I feel more human than if I would have got plastered / pissed / paraletic. Not so rock n roll though