Diary entry 29-11-2013

This morning I woke up very early for some reason. I did some usual morning things involving toilet roll, muesli, toothpaste and rollies (bad me). I went to take my second cousin to nursery first thing, I had him on my shoulders on the way there with one arm holding down his two little legs, and the other arm had some of his stuff held against my waist with some in my hand. After I went to my local library and did some WordPress things. When I got home from that Teresa the rethink woman came and supervised me cleaning. If I was to be on my own I would just evade it and end up doing other things, kind of like an obsessive un compulsive disorder. I was a little disappointed to find out I had to pick up my second cousin from the nursery at 1 o’clock as I wanted to go and see my friend Charlotte in Exmouth for a cup of tea and some music video porn (ie Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga etc etc etc etc etc), and of course a chat about life. Charlotte is a good friend to me and has really been there for me in various states. So I returned to the library and did some more wordpress things. I then went to pick up my second cousin. I walked back with him and we had some great fun, there were some leaves piled up oustide the cultist phone shop (they are always trying to convert me to the way of the smart phone and contract), we kicked them around a bit in front of all the normal people. And in a shopping arcade we shouted at each other and ran randomly around in circles and things, this was fun. Its not the type of thing people of my age would normally do unless surrounded by disco lights, electronic music and various illicit substances. After this I saw my friend Nicholas and we went to my friend Ben’s house. I cannot help think that Ben is not so pleased with me. Although as I have with a lot of friends recently I have tried to spend time away from them to give up smoking and so forth. Me and Nicholas then went to the “Crippled Angel” (as my friend J names it – as he has been named crazy J or rocker J he has a tendency to name people and things with nicknames of weird and wonderful varying themes). Me and Nicholas had quite an in depth and intelligent discussion about the world within, or that which we experience. It made me feel somewhat wizard like. I was to be a haphazard wizard with an extremely powerful and decent moral based book of spells, however these potions of the inner realms were greatly mismatched and lost to other ends of the world due to my lack of focus and aim. After this I wondered by Sainsburys to buy two tubs of cheap basic yogurt. On the way down the hill, before I got here. I saw the Sara lady who works in the peace shop on forestreet. I always feel sorry for the shop because hardly anyone ever goes in there and buys anything, it is badly located, poorly stocked and poorly run because of the lack of involvement and hippy types that run it. I felt quite guilty when I talked to Sara, she told me about tomorrow being “Christmas without cruelty day” and how people should have a vegan christmas. When she told me about the mistreated turkeys I said it was probably good that they all got killed, for the next five minutes of talking to her I was struggling to retain a straight face because of this. Which reminds me, I think it must be Christmas soon, I should buy some cards or something next week. Over n out!