Another diary entry

First I am sorry to anyone trying to leave comments at the moment, my approve button seems to have an autoreverse function, this is quite confusing???

On the way home from the library I decided to go to the 99p store to buy something that I did not really want. After making this decision I was quite disapointed to have somehow already decided what I wanted. This was disapointing for 2 reasons: 1. I wanted to wonder round the shop not really knowing what I wanted for something to do 2. I wanted to go in the shop for something I did not want, so knowing what I wanted before going into the shop for something I did not want was a contridiction or oxy moron. When I went to the shop I bought some chemicle spill womens shower smoothie (exfoliant with berrys n stuff), some kettle chips (cheese and onion) and a pack of cadburys Jaffa cakes (100% extra free). These are all unhealthy thing (bad matthew). I was quite proud of myself though because I did some maths and reallised 5 x 28 grams packs of kettle chips was the same as 1 x 140 grams of kettle chips, thus saving me time in opening packets and also keeping britain just that little bit tidier. I ate the kettle chips on the way home and half of the jaffa cakes (which were dry and crispy eugh!). For tea I will have some fish sticks, an avacado, two tomatoes and some spring onions. Zero preperation! And I have some “polish shop” berry yogurt drink left. I am going to the pub later but I will drink tea or hot chocolate. I still have my broken speaker in the middle of my room to remind me not to waste so much money.