Toe nails – erotic story – explicit content

I have been laying in bed in a dreamy state. In my dream realm I was on a sofa in the local cinema bar. Debbie McGee came to me in this vision and began to give me an amazing soft slow sensual blow job, as she often does. During this fantasy Jack lemon and Paul Daniels will trim my toe nails for me and look to me with great awe and jealousy of my innocence, and all the while this is being filmed for the sex tape that will bring me glorious fame and fortune. This is a fantasy I have sometimes. Anyway while this was happening the Thora Birch (who is in my dreams when I walk fast for long distances) and another girl (who would like to remain imaginarily anonymous) appeared and told me I should not be doing this because they are evil people, and they are not worthy of me. Although it was also as a punishment for their behaviour in their rebellious years, I started to agree. Then suddenly it occurred to me… This was all Gods little way of reminding me to trim my toe nails, because I very rarely actually do trim my toe nails. So I got up and went into the kitchen and got my toe nail clippers out of my draw. I returned to my bedroom and proceeded to trim my toe nails, gradually as the parts of my toe nails hit the floor the guys disappeared and good old Debbie gave me a nice sensual good-bye kiss on my willy and vanished too. And now I feel more at peace and happier knowing I have done the right thing, and my feet will be more comfortable too. The end.