Diary entry

Well it is the afternoon. I have had a bowl of muesli, some “Polish shop” berry yogurt drink and a few rollies. When I was on the toilet going for a poo I was reflecting that to attain a busty 18-year-old girlfriend with a busty 19-year-old girlfriend who owns a large collection of space hoppers, may not be a realistic or respectable goal to have in life. I am thinking of going to the library as then at least for the time it takes to get there, and while I am there I will not be able to smoke if I leave my tobacco at home. The library is a bit like a church as you cannot just go in and start taking loads of drugs and getting pissed, only there is a lesser sence of community and socializing than a pub or nightclub. I have some documents I sent to the printing server that I did not print yesterday. There was a man repairing the printing machine, I asked him how long it would take to print without saying hi or excuse me (I felt quite rude and I think he was a bit offended, I may have broken his focus), he said it would be a few hours and I forgot and ended up going to the cinema bar to meet a friend, drink juice and eat a pizza. Afterwards I did a massive shop at sainsburys, I did not buy anything unhealthy. The shopping was really heavy and I have to carry it a few meters at a time and stand still all the way home. This is good because I do not go to a gym. When I got home I thought I had lost my keys so Dave next door let me put my shopping in his house, I went to the cinema bar and asked them if they had my keys, they said no. In my mind I conspired that one of them had taken my keys because they did not like me or something, so I lifted the sofa and all the cushions where I was sat in a slightly angry way, only to find they were in my backpack in a pocket I do not often use. So I walked back home feeling slightly guilty and of course somewhat relieved