Random scribbles and jots for the what nots

well maybe not so chaos but agitated séance – tuning out the jokers n the clowns without their crayons – frivolous and fragrant of quite unearthly fragrance – some echo this is dangerous – I got not but one explainers – now out a town th dangers th city is most hanious – when you scared as you is famous – who the hells behind my anus – mainly man is blameless and is women as is cainers – now tell me who the hells to tame us – who would caress away the pain

if life as missing bridges is to smithereens and squidges – no wife and wishes bitches is to leave me be grab riches – tonight I’m kissing twitches in my dreams seem to be glitches – despite defined lines written all mine is spite and filthy dishes

elephants never forget ever regret maybe they do – irrelevant inept deceptive means to do their doo – separate th weather severs bad man from the goo – keep the creeps inside the zoo – the human race I won it too

enable the disableds for the fables of the saved – unable to make tables for the labels so behave – unstable so incapable escapable the grave – staple down th cables from the cradle to the brave

christmas no dismiss be kitchen n sink shit – kisses not for me, I’d love to be with good princess – I confess I’d get undressed for less but tested not to mess – within the sin of the wrong thing bringing wicked witches

dayz dazed hey I think I had shit to say – nevermind I was resigned in lonesome fear n dismay – cast those spells did the hell left all alone and quite afraid – cast a shade of grey I still got means to clean complain

trainers to derange I got no stage I feel quite played – entertainers from the ages quite contagious were their grades – aimless as were crains to lift the plains from the insane – to be claiming back the stains for their own ways to meet their graves

happens to be happening that dapper was his hat – grappled to his gremlins and acted like a twat – stapled to the traps n wrapped his scarf around n napped – for ever he was severed from his life and that was that

not to notice as the boat is sailing on, no not pass by – devoted as the bodice so come on and just say hi – got not lotus not got potion still am potent friendly guy – still despondent need the hold to leave the cold and use my eyes

eloquent manner no man no have spanner – to be fanned by th fanny to be grand to have grammar – hesitant stammer so man have no baba – we wanna have a labia to moo n tounge slamma

love to be me but I’m icy inside – devices did seed for the ride to be fried – wide open hopin n wishin still dry – unspoken n broken my life I reside

tenace with a penance to be menacing the senseless – immensity to bring to me the levels of the loveless – dishevelled was above thus I feel trust among the heartless – departed from the start you know the art we oh so careless

oh joyous days bring me please ladies on their knees – boobies and pussy peaches reaching out with me to plead – in a way I find so easy laid back with no intensity – splashing in the bedroom not on medicines n greed

handsome I can be when I had a shave n that – down some though n leaning to the ground under my hat – well that be my hoodie actually so see who I can see – maybe one day I’ll wake and take her out from in my dream

ages in the rage cast the devil to the maze – been played a little more I got sore the stage of sage – crazy outta lazy haze – still the cycles psyche the way – to be gravely in the plain – no not me no fucking way

no smoke no its no joke I not toke no mor I woke – one day to find the haze so afraid, I didn’t croak

on and on and less forlorn – round and round and loving clowning out but down inside so left with doubt n spouted out n shouted out so shout it out get lager louted up n get the loving now – found no shoving pushing n no pudding for this mouth or stout

girls can also be idiots – girls can also be dicks – I can be a better man – and not listen to the dumbass shit

aroused out my slumber n the morning what a bummer – its warm as though its summer – on a lonesome little number – tiresome n weary slowly waking to me clarity – find reason to have vanity – make sense of dense insanity

jot is for the what not – callers for the scribe – tonics I not got hot – stallers for this guy – brawler’s left outside I’m into peaceful steady life – dreadful is the morning glum n breath is not that nice

heaven where the hell are you I waited for your touch – seven days and seven years seven somethin somethin such – evening the evening out I want some lunch – I doubt I got 11 pence I sense I spend too much

erm my eyes are tired still the thrill my will is gone – sermons sighs and sights instill – to kill when all is home

waking in the morning a new day of nothing new – in a haze that may be boring but I know no other hue – crazy n amazing but I’m hiding for a phase – in a plain I need the smiles and the words of all the babes

even out the score forever more I got good clout – good god I got doubt even less to shout about – amount to drouts of bouts of moving on and on and all about – without your love or with your love I’ll drown a lot of stout

boredom come n give me sums of dumbstruck luck no fun – to go without the head instead I feel all down and glum – no flow to bout whats life about I couldn’t tell you mum – to toe to grow up good devout instead I’m cold n numb

all spiel I do not feel this no bliss I miss the kisses – my misses was a bitch n pushed me far against my wishes – for real am me but far from the, well dressed cashed up fantasy – that she sees in days to come but too much haste was all she spun

everyday I wake up n I want some more money – cos honey the meaning of life should be fun

Idollllllise oh no surprise defied the meek and freaked the guys – spied out for weeks and eyes out wide – where is that prize leave off disguise

And now for a little