To the Root

Maybe it’s because I’m a lifelong gardener, but I have a penchant for getting down to the root of things. Time in the garden has taught me the importance of the root. The first thing the seed does underground, is make one. Then it makes a whole lot of little roots and a big main root to support the growth and life of the whole eventual organism: the trunk, stem, branches, leaves, flower and fruit.

While being the entire source and foundation of the plant, the root is invisible. When I’m harvesting a plant in October, I’m not thinking about the root that created it; I’m just thinking about the tomatoes or cucumbers that are right there in my face. Even for a gardener, roots can be ignored and forgotten.

The roots of things are so important that if a gopher eats the roots of say, a zucchini plant, you can just forget about it. That plant’s a goner. Same thing if the roots are tended and nurtured, kept in place; that plant is going to become well established.

By now if you’ve read any of my posts you know what root I’m thinking and writing about. If not, I’ll tell you. It’s human roots I’m thinking about, roots so deep and hidden no one is even thinking about them today.

I’m looking at the roots of the governmental, economic, social, cultural and religious institution of patriarchy, the first human hierarchy which itself is defined by its violently enforced discrimination of the female half of the human race. That is the root of our world today. How can modern humanity expect to achieve world peace with that kind of baggage? It’s like planting a seed of deadly nightshade and expecting red roses.

You see, under patriarchy, I think the human tree is dying. It’s because we don’t see the roots of the plant’s disease, and have even forgotten their existence. But they are there. People wonder how humanity could come to a place today of constant war, against people, races, nations, the Earth. But roots are the cause of things.

I’m also looking at other human roots that delve down way deeper into the long history of human life on Planet Earth. They are real roots of a humanity that had a world-view that related to life rather than fought it. I see these human roots as an antidote to the root rot of the old outdated system humanity labors under now.

By the way, fellow word-gourmets; I was surprised to discover the root of the word root, is, radical. Frankly I can’t yet make the connection between the two words, but I know that what I’m delving into, the roots of patriarchy, and the roots of a Goddess loving humanity are both radical. And if you think about it, at least in America, radicals don’t have a good reputation.

Which is why I sometimes wish I was impassioned to write about ceramics or antiques or the mating habits of spiders, but for me it’s getting to the human root of things that’s got me hooked. It’s because I love the human tree, and want to nourish it and make it grow. I want to see it have a long and prosperous future. So good people, this is it for me. Getting to the root of the Goddess and the Patriarch.

I hope you come along.