I need feminism because…

My tumblr has been flooded with posts of people in general/feminists  holding up sign boards declaring why they need feminism. Having considered myself a feminist during the summer (trying my best to remain a loyal one), I made a list of reasons as to why I need feminism:

I need feminism because in some parts of India, the victims are made to marry their rapists. 

I need feminism because marital rape in India (and perhaps other parts of the world) is not considered a criminal offence under the Indian Penal Code. 

I need feminism because women are told to ”adjust” to their domestic violent husbands’ behaviour. 

I need feminism because, to this day, sons are taught that women are supposed to be submissive. 

I need feminism because marriage is considered to be a licence to verbal, physical and sexual abuse. 

I need feminism because more often than not, women are seen as objects. 

I need feminism because a woman’s place is not in the kitchen.

I need feminism because when Anne Hathaway gave a speech on Fantine’s at an award ceremony (can’t remember which one) they focused more on her breasts than on the actual speech. 

I need feminism because husbands emotionally blackmail wives using kids and food. 

I need feminism for the 1000s of Malala’s across the world that have had their education taken away from them. 

I need feminism for the 1000s of women across that world that have remained silent. 

I need feminism because log kya kahenge? (what will people think?) is still used to shrug off violence against women. 

I need feminism for the 1000s of abandoned wives and kids. 

I need feminism for the 1000s of women out there that have been victims of acid attacks. 

I need feminism for the 1000s of women that are forced into abortion when it is learned they will be giving birth to a girl. 

I need feminism for the 1000s  of girls that are cheated on by the boy they thought was the one. 

And lastly,

I need feminism because, a majority of the time, when a women is gawked at, it is she that gets scolded. 

So, that’s my list. And I’m sure it’s going to keep increasing as time passes, and as I learn more about the world and its ways. As I read upon my list however, I cannot help but think – is it really I that needs feminism? No. It is us. The society, we. We need feminism. We need it to fight the injustices faced by our women each day, we need it to stand up for women, we need it to gain basic women rights. Because, they way I look at it, by saying I need feminism, we are saying it for ourselves so that we personally don’t have to experience whatever our list consists of. When in fact it should be as we, so that we as a society can fight against such atrocious crimes and so we can gain justice for those that experienced them. I hope I am making even a little bit of sense to you. So, scratch all the I’s from my list and trade them with we’s. 

Also, is it really feminism that we need? Is it not humanity? Or has humanity lost so much sense that we have to break it down into categories of feminist issues or LGBT rights? The way I see it, women are human beings before they are women, so in that case, it is humanity that we really need. But I guess working towards feminism is in turn working towards the betterment of humanity.

Violence against women is an issue of great importance and I wish more people could see it. And I hope as hell that the girls of tomorrow do not have to face the amount of violence that is faced by the women of today, and that was faced by the women of yesterday.

Maybe you could drop some comments on why you feel we need feminism.

Thanks for reading this, it means so much.